23.9.22 PSHE

This half term our PSHE question is: How can we recognise our feelings?

This week we focused on happiness! We learnt what happiness means and how we can show happiness in different ways. The children acted out in front of the class different scenarios where they have been happy in their own lives! We then completed a happiness journal!

Forest school 13.9.22

We had a fun first Forest School session with Madeleine! We learnt different ties and knots and we practised on our own ropes. Then, we worked in groups to create dens. We had to make dens that were waterproof. We showed amazing communication skills with our friends and then we tested our dens! No one got wet! Then, we learnt about fire safety and then made fireside porridge. We also had a go at creating our own sparks using flint and steel.

Art Week: Gakonga

During Art week, we looked at the works of many African artists. One of our artists was Gakonga, an artist known for making movements with his art work. The children posed in different Gakonga dance positions and then they used watercolour washes as a background for their artwork.

Year 2 and 3 PSHE: Pride!!!!!

The year 2 and 3 children have been looking at relationships and families this term. We have explored the different kinds of relationships and families this week whilst learning about the celebration of pride. The children learnt all about why pride is an important celebration. They then applied their knowledge to creating their own pride month t-shirts.

Year 2 ART

This afternoon, the year two class have been doing some experimental art. The children have mixed secondary colours to fill in the colour wheel and they have experimented creating different kinds of lines. The children enjoyed exploring the different artistic techniques and they applied their work to creating collages using different African patterns.